Guest Blog Writers

I love posting this blog, but I realized recently that I want to get other viewpoints in addition to my own. Therefore, I am reaching out to my readers to any guest blog writers to find out what they would like to write about for a guest blog post. While I included some details below about what I want for the blog post, keep one thing in mind when you write the post: how can clients put this information into use. The more action-oriented the content, the more likely it will be approved. This is a no-fluff zone!

The key is to follow the guidelines below. Start by perusing the blog (use the categories section to search what I have discussed recently) to create useful content. 

For the bloggers who want to do this I can offer the following exposure:

1. I will tweet it out to my 55,000 followers on Twitter @andynathan, plus on my business Twitter account @smartatthestart which has over 25,000 followers.

2. I will share it on Facebook with my 4,000 friends and my 1200 fans as well!

3. Finally, I will share it with my 5,200 connections on LinkedIn.

4. You can include a brief bio about your company and include 1 link directing visitors to your site. If you want more than one link, we can discuss doing a sponsored post.

My target audience is small to medium-sized business owners who want actionable strategies to improve their business. Do NOT create fluff and think it will pass muster.

The topic should relate to social networking, blogging, marketing automation, lead generation, and/or digital marketing. For those that are interested, email me at andy At andynathan Dot net.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

1. 1,000 words of rocking content! We are not a trash collector, so please do not send garbage content. With that in mind, also do NOT add words just to add words. 989 words are acceptable if it is…rocking content! 1,500 words that I would give to my cat to play with will never see the light of day on my blog.

2. Must be original content (no re-purposed PLR, because I do run Copyscape). You must allow us to have sole access to the content for 1 month before you share the content elsewhere (e.g. LinkedIn or Medium).

3. Professional (no cursing, lewd language, etc) Note: Humorous is awesome!

4. Take a different slant than myself. I am not the end-all, be-all of digital marketing. I know this might shock you, but I am continually learning. Therefore, if you disagree with me you better back it up. I like it when someone comes up with content that has a different slant and can back up their stance.

5. This is a social networking blog, so you better Retweet, Share, and Like this post. I mostly use the major social networks but am open to sharing content on sites like Inbound or StumbleUpon. Like my audience, I believe in focusing my time on the sites that give me the greatest bang for my buck. If you have an audience on a network, please feel free to share it there.

6. Use spell-check. Plus, good grammar is appreciated. Use the Hemmingway App or Grammarly to check your work. Better yet, go on Fiverr or UpWork to have a professional editor review your work.

7. Use basic SEO on-page optimization for your posts. If you do not, I might make changes for better optimization. (Reference: SEO Tips)

8. I favor posts that have a creative commons photo in them or one where you created/took the photo yourself. If you buy a photo from a site let me know that as well. Please link back to any photos that require it.

9. Answer any comments.

Other than that, go nuts! Not literally, but with the blog post.