Today, instead of the cartoon I thought it would be fun to play a little social media trivia. Below are a number of different social media icons. Your challenge is to guess what social media icon matches up with each social media site. For example the icon listed below is:

"facebook button"

I hope you guessed Facebook.

The prize goes to the first person who guesses every network correctly in the comment section below. The prize is the podcast Social Networking On Your Terms. This podcast by Lisa Blacker and myself is a terrific way to understand how to use social media to help your business. That way, you get to hear my thoughts on social media throughout the day (believe me, that is a prize in and of itself). Put your answers in the comment section, and I will announce the winner in the comment section.

Social Media Icons

Happy Guessing!

Post in the comments below what you believe are the correct social media icons.