I have not done an update recently on new Internet Marketing Night Cap Blog Talk Radio shows. In fact, this post will cover all of the shows from April and the first one in May. We have had some amazing guests on in the past month, and I think whether you want to know about Twitter from Peter Olsen and his growing swarm of 300,000 or learn about Facebook from Fan Page whiz Nathan Latka there is something here for every online marketer.

List of Internet Marketing Night Cap Shows

Our first show in April was with Nathan Latka of Lujure. He is the brilliant mastermind behind custom Facebook Fan Pages for small businesses and internet marketers. Go to Lujure.com

Show Link: April 2nd With Nathan Latka

We started discussing sales online as I interviewed Josh as we went into deep discussion about how we both find business online and offline.

Show Link: April 9th Roundtable Josh Alexander And Myself

We had Peter Olsen and his 300,000 followers on Twitter come out to discuss how he creates a solid network on Twitter. His insights into creating content and relationships are amazing. Connect with him @peteolsen on Twitter.

Show Link: April 16th With Peter Olsen

Brad Dixon has an amazing way of creating PLR products every month. His insights into video webinars and video emails were awesome as well.

Show Link: April 23rd With Brad Dixon

Rick Hodges is a true networker offline and online. He is creating valuable relationships and joint venture partnerships. He shares his insights with marketers through his joint venture partnerships that he has been able to create over the past few months. This includes his Skype group that now has close to 200 members in it.

Show Link: April 30th With Rick Hodges

Mark Hultgren has some great business centralization programs to help you manage your online business from one spot. Instead of having to create an affiliate program, email auto-responder, update all your WordPress sites, and work on the wide variety of different projects online from separate systems you can take a look at Delavo and how to create a centralized business platform for your online marketing.

Show Link: May 7th With Mark Hultgren

Next week we have Bond Halbert, the amazing copywriter on the show discussing his insights into copywriting. Let us know what topics you think we should cover during the Internet Marketing Night Cap?


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