I want to spend a very windy Chicago day talking about Gravatars. Those are the curious creatures that you see from time to time when you are commenting on blogs.They have a number of different looks, but the basic Gravatar symbol is:


So, why are we discussing gravatars today? Very simple! My wife’s birthday is tomorrow and in honor of her birthday I created a site: mjnathan.com. (Quick Note: I will not be blogging this weekend, since we are going up to Apple Holler in Wisconsin to go apple picking.) In there I have a guestbook. My mother-in-law asked how she could put her picture in there. To be honest, it has been so long since I have added my picture on my blog comments that I actually forgot.

So, today I want to just talk a little about Gravatars. First of all, if you have the updated WordPress you probably have some variation of the Gravatar on your site. Some themes do not support them, so there are some plugins which you can use in these situations.

First, there is Easy Gravatars which I loaded to help identify people with Gravatars. This is what I loaded into my wife’s new site.  Second, you can add something like Gravatar box, so people who do not already have a gravatar can sign up. I did not use this, so just a heads up here.

That brings me to the other side of the equation. What happens if you want your own gravatar for when you are commenting on other blogs? You can either use the Gravatar box (just mentioned) or you can sign up for free at gravatar.com.

Either way, it only takes a few minutes and then whenever you comment on someone else’s blog additional search traffic, a great comment, or even TSA you can see your uploaded Gravatar picture. Just be conscientious when you sign up that this is a picture that will be public, so make it one that you like.

That in a nutshell is how to add Gravatars to your site and also include them in a comment on WordPress blogs.