Through email marketing I am always receiving the latest updates from the Internet industry, and lately I’ve been hearing a lot about the impressive growth of the newest social media competitor: Google+. There’s been a lot of speculation going around that Google+ is going to overtake Facebook, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Facebook beats out Google+ in a number of areas, and unless Google+ addresses these issues, then Facebook will likely continue to be King of the social media world. Granted Google+ is still in testing mode, but here are several key features that are lacking with the newcomer:

Photo tagging

While photo tagging has raised privacy concerns, it is nonetheless the most effective way to let friends know when they appear in photos via Facebook. The interface to download and organize photos in Google+ seems simple enough, but the lack of tagging capability is definitely a glaring omission.


It’s ironic that Google is lacking in an area related to search, but when it comes to Google+, it is. So far, only users themselves are searchable within the site, unlike Facebook where all public content is searchable. Say you want to look up reactions to a recent breaking news story; you can do that on Facebook, but not on Google+.


The ability to organize events is a major pro for Facebook, and one that is lacking with Google+. Featuring friends’ birthdays on the home page is definitely another advantage for Facebook, and another major omission from G+. The newcomer doesn’t even feature birthdays on users’ profiles, so if you’re looking for that reminder on upcoming birthdays, then it looks like you’ll need to continue checking your Facebook page.
While Google+ is likely to fix these glaring omissions, it won’t fix the fact that the new site is nothing more than a Facebook imitation. Except for a few improvements, G+ doesn’t add anything groundbreaking to the world of social media. Almost every feature, from “Circles” to “Streams,” has a counterpart in Facebook. Google+ even looks like Facebook, only with a whiter background. This isn’t to say that Google+ is a bad product; it just doesn’t have any factors that would lead me to believe it will overtake Facebook anytime soon.

Richard is a father and an awesome chef. (At least in his own mind.) He writes about business and technology in his own time while attending school.