As you are probably wondering right now, “What the heck does Google Translates Social Networking Mean?” Well here is the short version of a pretty shorter story.

As I was sinking into oblivion at a short seminar yesterday on driving traffic to your website I heard the lecturer discuss Google Translate. In all fairness, it was after a basic, extremely basic discussion on long-tail keywords. I was itching to include a few things he missed but instead fell asleep.

So back to Google Translate. What he said was, and the reason I am writing this blog is that if you can not find a word in English he said to try it in Spanish. He then interjected that a lot of sites with heavy traffic in English are not as heavy in other languages. While I want to expand past that, my point is that a lot of Spanish and other non-English domain name words and search phrases ripe for a little SEO. The search competition on these keywords is tremendously low.

So, I decided to look at Google Translate as a basic option for keyword research and also reaching out to other markets with my apparently increased language skills.

Google Translate In Action

Google Translate

As you can see Google Translate is pretty simple. I translated a recent blog post of mine, Social Networking Is Free If You Pay In Time, from English to French.

Google Translate English To French

Je voulais parler du plus grand mythe de réseautage social. Que c’est gratuit! Oui, il est certainement gratuit pour ceux qui ont mis le temps dans les réseaux sociaux, mais l’idée de réseaux sociaux étant complètement libre n’est tout simplement pas vrai.

Cela ne veut pas dire que vous ne pouvez pas obtenir un compte gratuit sur Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, et WordPress. Vous pouvez certainement faire cela et plus encore. Il ya beaucoup d’outils de grand là-bas pour vous aider à atteindre vos objectifs pour libre. La seule difficulté est que, à un point que vous aurez besoin d’aller au-delà de la libre circulation pour certaines des choses que vous avez besoin.

Google Translate English To Spanish

Yo quería hablar sobre el mito más grande en las redes sociales. Que es gratis! Sí, definitivamente es gratuita para aquellos que poner el tiempo en las redes sociales, pero la idea de las redes sociales ser completamente libre no es simplemente verdad.

Esto no quiere decir que usted no puede obtener una cuenta gratuita en Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube y WordPress. Definitivamente, usted puede hacer eso y más. Hay un montón de grandes herramientas fuera allí para ayudarle a alcanzar sus metas de forma gratuita. El único problema es que en algún momento tendrá que ir más allá de la libre circulación de algunas de las cosas que usted necesita.

Now, the one thing that everyone is sure to ask. How good are the translations here? The answer does not know. My one year of High School French does not necessarily make me an expert.

However, Google Translate is an option worth exploring.