Yesterday we started a conversation on Google+ social search pros and cons. Instead of making that into a goliath of an article I split it up in twine!

This is the second part of Google+ social search. Today I want to talk about some basic steps you can take in order to make sure that you are not lost in a sea of Google search, social, and web!

Google+ Social Search Strategies

  1. My parents used to read me Chicken Little every night. The essence of the story is that chicken little goes around and tells everyone the sky is falling, but does not do anything about it. With Google to prevent the sky from falling you must at least realize the problem and join Google+. If you will not join stop reading right here and instead go find a job.
  2. Create new valued connections. Everyone always amazes at the fact that I have 60,000 followers on Twitter. The fact is that the first 4,000 followers were handpicked by me for excellence. Even if 1/3 of my followers today read what I have to say then I at least know that there are some valued people among them who will want to hear my thoughts.
  3. Start producing something valuable! The reason I write my blog everyday is because I know that I am creating something of value for my readers and my network. The more I produce the larger both of these groups grow. Plus, I now have my network extended by every person who tweets, likes, or shares my article.
  4. Keep doing it! Creating connections is easy. Maintaining them is what challenges the most ardent internet marketer. I can blindly create a site and get 10 people to go to it. At the same time having people come back time and again is the challenge.

Google+ Social Search Final Thoughts

Will the world come crashing down in 3 months when Google’s social search heats up? No! Will the sky fall? No! Will you have to prepare for the way internet marketing occurs? Yes! So, what does this mean? Another day, another dollar! Every day internet marketing changes with or without you. It is our job as professionals to keep up as much as possible. You are not expected to all the sudden go from no Google+ account to Lady Gaga numbers. At the same time create a strategy that will help you build your traffic and clients through Google+ social search.

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