Social Networking backlinks amaze me! Basically, it is Google’s way of saying yes we condone your use of social networking and we would like you to take these social networking backlinks as a free present from us to you, so you can grow your business just a little bit easier. That might beg the question, what is a social networking backlink?

In my most non-1970’s TV special answer, they are simply your website links that are post on different social networking sites, suchthe more you know as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and other networks. Does that make sense, Timmy?

“Wowwee, it does! When can we start doing backlinks?”

“Well, it is really quite simple Timmy. First, you go onto a site, such as Facebook. Then you set up your account, and create your profile. While you are doing this, make sure to actually put your website into the website space. If none is provided, I have sometimes cheated and used the address field. Get it street address! Domain Address! And then bam! You are done!”

And Now You Know!

So, getting off the 1970’s public service announcement special kick, why are social networking backlinks important? The answer is that backlinks to your site help your search engine rankings. The more backlinks that you have to your site, the more Google believes you are an authority in your business.

Just like when you use social networking to demonstrate your experience and knowledge about a subject for clients, Google views backlinks the same way that a great article or post demonstrates leadership for prospects.

That is why it is like a double whammy power of goodness when you provide social networking backlinks. You get the best of social networking coupled with the intrinsic value of Google search. A sweeter match is hard to find.

So, the next time you ask yourself, why is that schmoozer guy on 40 different social networks, stop and realize that some of them are just pure SEO goodness coupled with the power of social networking. Just make sure if you are doing this that they are dofollow links

Get started with your social networking backlinks today by signing up for an account with Youtube, Twellow, Hubpages, Squidoo, and Google Buzz.