The rise of social networks has been the foremost phenomenon of a generation. Following the success of networking sites such as Myspace, networking saw a huge increase in popularity after a small group of Harvard students established a small and exclusive site to link students at universities around the world. The Harvard students’ site became Facebook, a social networking site whose presence is now universal.

Since the inception of Facebook in 2004, social networking has become ubiquitous and, with its rise in popularity, the market has expanded. The Web giant Google, is responsible for the latest phenomenon on the scene, Google Plus. The networking site has reportedly surpassed the mark of 90 million users already this year, etching it into the networking scene. But why should this be of any use to small businesses? Let’s take a look at what Google Plus can do for your business.

Be The First Ones On The Scene

Although the service has already seen huge success, it is still relatively young. This means that not every business out there will have a Google Plus account. Strike while the iron is hot and you may well see your business leap out in the absence of competitors. When the time does come that your competitors use the site, your own page will already be well established.

The Service Is Simple

With Google Plus, there are no complex tasks to master. You do not need to know how to build a website in order to sign up – all these features are taken care of. This means that anybody can set up an account, without the worry of their page looking inferior as a result of any lack of web development knowledge.

Promotion Unlimited

90 million users means that there is a market of 90 million people to whom you can promote. With advertising space is rising in price, Google Plus is a fantastic tool for spreading the word about your products and services for free.

Needless to say, Google Plus allows you to link your profile to your own web site, as well as your presence on other social media sites, which allows you to promote your already existing services to a new market, free of charge. Likewise, you can add a link to your Google Plus site from your other sites – this shows that you are a well established business, serious about innovation and development.

Google Is A Web Giant

Google’s already huge share of the internet market means that they are a great client to be associated with. There is speculation, too, as to the likelihood of Google incorporating their social network into search results. This means that an account with Google Plus could lead to better presence in Google search results – which could never be a bad thing for business!

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