Google Plus Hangouts is one of the coolest features of Google+. No, this is not the place where you get to say, “Dude! Let’s Hangout!” Instead, Google Plus Hangouts is a terrific video chat location where you can have chats with multiple people at one time in order to discuss various projects and campaigns with colleagues along with a place that would be great for connecting with prospects online.

Google Plus Hangouts Walk Through

 Google Plus Hangouts Cool Facts To Know!

  • Google Plus Hangouts is limited to 10 video users at one time.
  • You can watch Youtube videos at the same time.
  • Create a chat for everyone to talk with each other.
  • There is no way to share documents or screen on Google Plus Hangouts as far as I am aware at this time.
  • You can invite people to the Google Plus Hangouts from your circles or just invite the general public. There is no way to invite individuals yet.

As you can see Google Plus Hangouts is a great place to start connecting with your new Google+ connections. It might not have all of the features yet, but it is sure to come soon. When you get onto Google+ feel free to send me a Google Plus Hangout request.

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