I wanted to talk today about the Google Panda Update that has been sweeping the Google landscape. The Google Panda Update is the latest update in Google’s algorithm, which they change constantly to help provide better search results. For consumers this is supposedly a good thing, but for marketers looking to get more out of search engine traffic this means making sure that all of your sites are in full compliance with new the Google Panda update and search rules.

Google Panda Update

First, if you are spinning or reusing content then my recommendation is to “Watch Out Below!” You are in serious danger of being ousted from Google altogether with the infamous Google slap or at the very minimal finding yourself with a lower page rank and lower traffic to boot! Now, I am not saying that some auto blogs are not going to make it through the transition, but for the most part Google has been knocking off these low value content sites left and right.

Additionally, making sure that we also do not just focus on link building, but quality link building. In the past year, Overstock.com, JC Penneys, and other sites have been getting a Google Slap, because they were using low quality links to drive additional traffic to their sites. Focus on Quality, not Quantity here.

Google Panda Update Tips!

So you want to avoid a Google Panda Update attack! Here are three things you need to look through on your site to make sure that you have the highest possible quality.

  1. Check to make sure that your articles are unique. One of the first things I do when I get a guest post is check if the article is plagiarized at articlerchecker.com.
  2. Did you get a big package of PLR articles this year and want to just start using them? Think twice. If you have PLR articles and want to just spin them, which is internet marketing speak for taking a reproducible article and just changing the words so it is different think twice. The fact is that gets more Google Slaps per year than Captain Jack Sparrow!
  3. Get 5,000 links in one hour is the surest way to be hit by not only the Google Panda Update, but Google’s search parameters in general. They do not like people who just rapid fire add more backlinks to their 1 day old site. Slow build up is the best.

Google Panda Update Breather!

So, now that you are aware of the new requirements from Google I want to tell you to breath! For most people, who are creating new content them self or with help you will not have any problems. Additionally, the Google Panda Update will be able to help those who follow the guidelines.