I was going to do something serious on Google today, but then realized that it is a beautiful day outside. Then I discovered that my dog ate my serious bone, so there had to be a new way to talk about Google slap!The Google Slap is what happens when Google decides to lower your Page Rank, because they believe that you did something wrong. The challenge is that they do not tell you what you did wrong or how to fix it. Therein lies the rub of the Google slap.

Google Slap Time!

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It just feels with all the discussions going on about the changes with Google that some people are getting some TKO’s unnecessarily! There is a rumor going around that laughter is the best medicine. As the ancient art of Twitter has shown us. When they decided to put you in Twitter Jail for no reason, you must be find the nearest file to break out!

To all those who have suffered at the hands of the Google Panda Update, Schema.org, and countless other changes before that this ridiculous cartoon is for you!

Now, destroy the Google slap with some good old fashioned white hat seo!