We round out Social Networking Basics week with Google+ Basics today. Covering the new Social Kid on The Block. Not to be confused with the New Kids On The Block(ugh!) we will delve into how this social network is forcefully becoming a major player in social networking.

Just remember that you do not need to be active in every network we discussed this week, but it is definitely recommended that you take one of the networks we have discussed and take it for a spin to see how it fits your business. Use the post today and the ones on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Basics as a guideline to get you started.

Google+ Basics Video Tutorial

Google+ Basics Action Steps

  1. As with all of the other social networks, make sure that you have your profile set up.
  2. Start integrating your other Google products with Google+.
  3. Connect with people in your area and targeted prospects.
  4. Comment on other peoples information. Get active with others on Google+, including hangouts.

Google+ is still in it’s infancy, so there are bound to be some bumps and bruises as you grow your social influences on this site. The good thing is that you will grow naturally as the social network grows, which means more potential for business over the long haul. In the meantime, you have your new Google+ Basics tutorial to help you navigate these waters safely.

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