I have noticed that discussions about Google+ Circles are going round the social network. Therefore, I figured I would put in my 1.5 cents.

Google+ Circles are the circles where you have to place all of your connections on Google+. Sounds simple enough right? Well, people have been going in circles extolling the virtues and benefits of Google+ Circles. Reader Note: In a sarcastic mood, beware bad jokes falling from the sky.

Therefore, I decided let’s extoll the virtues and downfalls of Google+ Circles. Below you will find more about these virtues and downfalls.

Google+ Circles Virtues

  1. Easy way to differentiate users on Google+. Acknowledges what Facebook does begrudgingly, Twitter barely does, and LinkedIn not so much.
  2. You can actually send messages to specific groups of people. Think about sending messages only to people part of a certain tribe or organization so they can communicate more effectively.
  3. This brings in a level of organization to your connections to your connections that you do not have on other social networks.
  4. It is a circle. You get to go round and round.

Google+ Circles Downfalls

  1. It is hard to see the entire circle without zooming out on my screen. I work off my laptop, so this might be different for other users, but unless I zoom out to an almost unreadable distance I can not see the bottom of the circle. There is something formatted wrong there, because I have been on clients computers with them on Google+ and seen the same thing.
  2. Google+ Circles are a bit of a pain when you are adding connections. As I go through my close connections, the darn circles thing keeps popping up. It is a minor annoyance, but those things add up for people.
  3. They limit the number of circles you have. The great thing about Facebook is that I have close to 100 lists separating different friends into categories. While, I could talk about how Facebook has recently flubbed the use of their lists, I like the fact that they do not limit my usage. G+ get off your circle and allow people to add unlimited circles.
  4. What about squares? Then we could call other G+ users squares! No, maybe, maybe not?

So, this is my in-depth analysis of Google+ Circles. I hope you have learned a little more about these tools, and want to connect with everyone on Google+ soon. May the Google+ Circles be with you!

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