Social Networking is at the beginning of new and shifting global business strategies that will allow businesses to do one important thing: prosper. The fact is that most businesses can no longer ignore that there is a new way to do business. Understanding global business strategies is the key to unlocking how we as small business owners can improve our business.

Global Business Strategies In Action!

This weekend was pretty busy for me. I got the chance to go through a lot of blogs for my fellow members of TSA (Tribe Syndication Alliance) as well as spent an inordinate amount of time on Warrior Forum learning some cool tricks from internet marketing greats around the world. I also went to some family outings and then just hung out with my wife Sunday evening.We watched X-Men: First Class. Great movie, but completely out of touch with the comic book versions of what happened.

Oh, and while I was on the run I got a chance to talk to my team in Bangladesh, Phillipines, India, and here in Chicago. All in all I spent about 1 hour on my blackberry going back and forth with a few contractors about different projects for clients and myself that need to be completed. We did this through Skype. That was all free, in real time, with people that I have never met face to face.

This morning already, my Skype is on, I have created some new connections with people on Google+ and have checked out Facebook on my phone. I know I have some Skype conversations with people in the state of Georgia and also one in Bangladesh later today.

But enough about me. This is to just give you a teaser of how global business strategies effect your business. Because the reality is that it is about the global business strategies of all small business owners.

Get Your Global Business Strategies Moving!

1. Have a plan of action. I know that I might be the first (or the millionth) person to tell you this, but have a way that you can move people from initial connection to valued client, partner, or team member. For example, go to my Facebook page and you will notice I have a lot of posts getting you to my blog. Why? Because this is my central hub for my social networking activities. My plan centers around my blog.

2. I know this might buck the trend a little, but do not just choose one social network to rely on for all of your connections. I understand that for some industries, such as financial professionals this might not always be possible. But for those who have the ability to join Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube, Foursquare, and Skype please do so immediately. Then as you discover what works go with those social networks.

I generally focus on a few social networks each week. The past few weeks has been a Google+ bonanza as I am in a huge learning curve there, but also have been going on Facebook as well. Other weeks it is LinkedIn and Twitter. Youtube might be forgotten for a week or two at a time, before it becomes my favorite friend as I create a flurry of videos. Update: 2-18-12 Part of the reason why I started the Social Networking Minute was to use Youtube more often.

Why limit yourself to just one social network when you can have the opportunity to double or triple your chances of meeting a prospect on different networks? Just be consistent with your social networking.

3. Think bigger! The problem with being from one country is that we never see the others as a proud national. Yes, if you live in the United States you know that there are places called China, India, England, Brazil, and Nigeria. However, we have a preconceived notion of what we do not know.

The greatest change in business will be a cultural change. It will be a blending of the traditional American standard, the Chinese resourcefulness, Japanese imitation, hopefully a little of bit of Brazilian carnival, and a large helping of Italian fashion.

Twenty years from now we will find it funny how bewildered we were at other cultures, and how people would never leave their homeland to visit new places and people. A global walkabout is being created where learning about the different cultures is not only a preferred ideal, but a necessity in a global culture. Where you learn how to build relationships with people all over the globe in order to do business.

Global Business Strategies Final Thoughts

It amazes me how I can have a Skype conversation with someone in India, chat with someone on Facebook from Bermuda, and then have a phone call with someone here in Chicago. Getting rid of the old ideas of how business get done will free small businesses to become more profitable in the years to come. After all global business strategies is about finding the right mix for your small business to prosper. Social networking is making these global business strategies a reality.