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Going online with your business is an important step – getting your web page just as you want it is key to the image which you send to customers.  Grease Monkey is a nifty extension for the Firefox browser which makes writing code for your site a piece of cake – so how can it help your business?

 The purpose of Grease Monkey

A common difficulty faced by those in the process of creating a web site is making predictions about how the back end code will affect the front end web site. Grease Monkey is developed primarily to address this difficulty. What Grease Monkey allows you to do is to view the page and make customizations in real time to the appearance and functionality of a web page.

This Firefox extension allows the user not only to make simple aesthetic changes to a site but also the way in which the site behaves. Whether you want to add an online shopping cart or simply move a few images, the extension will make this process a lot easier.

 Grease Monkey scripts

Grease Monkey is not only useful for those looking to build their own site – there are a great many scripts which alter existing pages to make them more user friendly. There are a number of scripts available for e-mail servers in particular.

It may be helpful for business computer users, for example, to make use of the multiple account log-in script designed for Gmail. It allows fast access to Gmail accounts for a number of different users who are active on the same computer. As with all well written Grease Monkey scripts, the multiple account log-in script appears to be integrated perfectly into the existing Gmail log in page.

Most businesses today will be inputting data of some kind into a web browser, for whatever purpose. One of the most brilliant scripts available on Grease Monkey is called Textarea Backup. As the name suggests, the script automatically saves text inputted into fields on Firefox and replaces them in the event that your browser, system or network decides to crash. So often are important pieces of work lost through crashes and finally there is a system in place to prevent loss to data used in your web browser.

Similar to the above script is another which allows you to optimize the process of inputting data on your browser. Textarea Drag Resize allows you to manually alter the size of text fields within web pages to allow you to see what you have written should it be longer than the developer had anticipated. This can be particularly helpful for comment sections and contact fields within other businesses’ websites.

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