You probably want to know how to get your blog out there, so they can grow their brand and audience. The answer is to update your blog frequently with fresh, interesting content.

According to Growth Badger, there are now 600 million blogs around the world. That means there is literally almost 1 blog for every 11 people in the world. When you consider the fact that half the world’s population does not have internet access that means the number is roughly one blog for every 6 people in the world. While the vast majority of these blogs are unattended, it is safe to assume that you are not the only person blogging about the subject matters covered on your website. The way your blog looks and its timeliness will help get you regular readers, but fresh, unique content is what ultimately drives organic traffic. Here are some proven techniques that can help you generate new content and gain more followers.

Interactive Q&A

Whether you blog about daily happenings in the world or about a product or service you sell, feedback will come in the form of comments and emails from readers. For instance, you may receive an email from a reader declaring that your company caters only to certain individuals and that you are losing business because of this. That one email can be turned into a 500-plus word blog post explaining exactly who and what your company is, along with addressing that individual’s concerns. Not only does this show that you care about individual customer or reader concerns, but it shows you are willing to answer criticism. These types of blog posts are great opportunities to retain old customers and gain some new ones in the process.

Re-purpose Old Content

Many bloggers write year-in-review articles at the end of December, basically summarizing and re-hashing some of the things they’ve blogged about throughout the previous year. You could also compile a list of the ten best (and/or worst) comments ever posted on your blog and publish it. Polls are excellent for keeping customers engaged and the results could be made into a story.

Don’t let stale content keep your blog from becoming a player in your industry. Remember to keep it fresh and intriguing, and they will come.

Connect with others who can share your mission

Content marketing is not a solo sport anymore. Therefore, you must work with others to help you share your vision. For example, I use round-up posts to share other bloggers and influencers’ content. In return, they share my content through social media and other channels with their audience.

That is how you start to build a relationship. It is the key for any business to succeed in today’s ultra-competitive market.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Your Blog Out There

If you want to garner more attention for your blog, then you need to use the items above for a start. It will not be easy but if you are persistent then these simple strategies will truly answer the question who to get your blog out there to your audience.