The big question that most internet marketers is how to get website traffic that matters. I was thinking about that this morning as I turned on my computerg. How do internet marketers  get website traffic dominated my thoughts as I realized yesterday I actually forgot to put up a blog post. Shocker, and fortunately something that is exceedingly rare from me. Generally I create content at least 6-7 days a week. The days that I do miss are generally on the weekend when I take a break or do not have the time to write a post.

This might be the second weekday blog post I missed all year. So, how did my site fare in the meantime? Was I able to get traffic during my un-prolonged absence?

The answer is yes and the data was not surprising to me, but definitely informative.

Get Website Traffic In Absentia

Get Website Traffic

Here is a snapshot of how I get the website traffic:

Out of 241 Visits yesterday the breakdown was as follows:

Search Engine Traffic: 209 visits

Referring Traffic: 14 Visits

Direct Traffic: 13 Visits

Feed Traffic: 5 Visits

Breaking How To Get Website Traffic

As you probably noticed my search traffic is extremely skewed. A few posts were recently ranked in the top 3 by Google are getting 1,000’s of visits per month. Until the feed numbers and social networking numbers catch up it will be very skewed in favor of sesarch traffic.

With my awesome content, however, I am feeling pretty good about the new visits to the site. Additionally, the fact that I only had 241 visits yesterday indicates that with a blog post yesterday that traffic would have been about 25-35% higher.

Either way, I am extremely happy of the fact that my search traffic continues to work for my business even when I have completely forgotten about it. Most people think you get website traffic and you have to keep working it. Some of the best blog posts are the posts that I have not done anything with in months, and just continue to deliver quality traffic month after month.

That is why you want to get website traffic that matters, because your business can not be run solely on sweat, tears, and blood. Instead, having an automated system to help you remember during the times when you forget to stay on your game is important as well.

Now, the next big question is conversion. Just a head’s up that you might see a few changes in the weeks ahead as I delve into different ideas designed to bring in more traffic to my site.

My question to you then is how do you get website traffic that matters?