I know today is Tuesday, and for you Twitter Goal diehards that usually means I will scour the internet looking for the funniest and best Twitter cartoons out there. However, I need to discuss a recent Facebook chat that I just had with a non-disclosed third party. I have removed pertinent information about this person, as not to embarrass them publicly.

Other Person(Not Real Name)

Hi Andrew



11:19am (Other Person)

sorry andrew i hope i am not intruding i justed wanted to say hello and apologise for not getting back to you due to a very busy working schedule

11:21am(Other Person)

having recently signed up to FB, its so nice that i received a lot of favourable responses so i guess this inspires me to come back on the site


that is great! what are you working on?

11:29am(Other Person)

we have just recently launched what i perceive to be one of the most exciting entrepreneurial opportunities in the US


That can not be! (Please note the hint of sarcasm here. This might be where he lost my attention)

I have the most exciting entrepreneurial opportunities in the US right now! 🙂

11:30am(Other Person)

you will be pleasently surprised andrew

in fact to vouch what i say we have in fact shared our operations with a large number of US and canadian counterparts and they are absolutely taken back


so, what is the MLM that you are working on right now.

11:32am (Other Person)

i guess my reason for my claim is based on the fact that nothing like this has EVER existed in the US and in fact we are potentially the first company of its kind now in operation


nevermind, not interested. (Please listen to your prospects, and do not talk just to hear your own voice! When someone asks a question of interest, do not snub them!)

11:32am(Other Person)

not only that we now have a service to provide to a potential 350 million


stop chatting with me, if you are going to waste my time.


sorry andrew i was just getting to answer your question

would you like me to elborate


if it is brief and to the point

11:34am (Other Person)

we are the first claims management company that can now retreive bank and credit card charges in the US


we have an estimated market reach of round 350 million would you like me to continue

we have an affilaited program an online based opportunity

if you would like to know more drop me ypur email address (Apparently brief and to the point are being studied if they fit into the English language)


is the service free? do you pay up front? if so, how much? what percentage of charges would the consumer receive?

11:39am (Other Person)

my apologises i do need to cut short as i need to leave for an engagement but perheps we can continue another time

perhaps i can drop you some info which i think you will be pleaently surprised with


seriously! do not send me anything! (seriously! do not send me anything)

11:40am(Other Person)

thanks have a good day

Maybe this is just a little kvetching, but I believe that when someone asks you a question, you answer them. When someone shows the slightest hint of interest, you expound upon that interest. Social networking is awesome! At the same time, I do not want my to spend my entire day talking to people about the GREATEST Entrepreneurial opportunity in the US. That is an insult to my intelligence and a slap in the face to everything that I do for my business.

The point of this post is simple. When you connect with someone through facebook and twitter do not insult their intelligence by blowing smoke past them. Instead, use the opportunity to connect with them and build a profitable relationship.