It has to be just right! I mean, if that dangling participle is off…well, my blog could be the end of my business as we know it. Screw it! If you really want to create great content then you need to get it out there.

Yeah! I know, most entrepreneurs have this gut instinct that the world is watching with an atomic weapon for every dangling participle that spews out of your blog post. Troubling as this may seem; however, most readers do not care if your participles dangle. Only that you help them with their current dilemma.

The sentence above was still useful, and probably violated a few of the grammar police laws. However, it brings out a good point. Why do most bloggers fail?

They fail because they are so afraid of a myriad of imaginary ills that they never get it out there! I have written books where people told me that the content helped them dramatically in business, but I had a grammar mistake on page number (Oh heck! I don’t care).

Simply put, I took that first step to get it out there, and that made all the difference.

Blogging is not about perfection

Like life, blogging is not perfect. I look back at all the content I created over the years and can tell you that I am not 100% happy with anything I created. I will never be 100% happy with any content I create.

Deep in the recesses of my get it out there philosophy is a perfectionist waiting to be freed.

Every time I look at an old blog post on my site, I modify it. It was just a bit off. The content needs a little bit of tweaking here and there.

However, I have done and accomplished far more in the past 10 years of blogging than any perfectionist I ever met. They get stuck on words, while I produce ideas that help people!

To do that, I had to get it out there. Release the content at some point, and say this is enough.

How do I know when Good is Good Enough?

Okay! So, you might be starting to understand why it is not always necessary to be a perfect blogger. However, you have to make sure that your content makes sense right?

Yeah! Of course! Edit your content, I am not telling you to just go willy nilly into the night creating information that is nonsensical and useless.

If you want to know whether it is good enough, here is a simple three-step solution I use for creating content.

Step 1: Write The Content. 

Do not edit, do not pause, do not stop at Go, White clock with words Time for Action on its face just write the content! My ex-wife used to tell me something very wise (Note: Should we delete this before she reads this? Hm! Never mind! She never reads my blog posts.)

She said, “write with passion and edit with a cold, firm hand.”

Take 15 minutes to write the content for your blog post. Time yourself on

If you are not sure how to do this, then check out my new blog course The Scientific Principles for Profitable Blogging

Step 2: Put it down!

The hardest step as a writer is writing something that you think is just the best thing since sliced bread, and not sharing it with the world immediately.

It just itches so bad to be shared, but you have to put it down.

If you want to switch from writing to editing, then you need space. Otherwise, everything you wrote seems brilliant. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Give it a day or longer, before you go back to the article to edit it. If you do not have that much time then I recommend having someone else edit your writing.

I use several editors for client posts. The reason being is that I want another opinion before I send it off to a client.

Step 3: Edit

I hate editing! I just mentioned before that I have editors on my team. The reason for that is simple. Editing is cutting down your passion, your writing, your ideas.

While it is an essential part of the process, to me it is the most demoralizing thing that I do in my business.

I would prefer to think I am Shakespeare, and not read my content to feel more like his dog.

That being said, I do edit content for my site. It gives me ideas of images and little extras to add to the content that I might miss on the first go around. I only cried at the sad state of my content once while editing this article.

Furthermore, I use tools like Grammarly to make sure that I do not miss the small things when I edit.

Final Thoughts on How to Get it Out There

Blogging is as much as a science as it is art. Especially for business owners looking to use it to increase traffic.

Therefore, it only makes sense that at some point you just need to get your content out there. Otherwise, you struggle to build the business you want. If you play the numbers, then that means you need to be getting content out at least once per week, every week for your business.

It is a long build, but definitely worth the time and energy invested in this form of marketing. So, the only question I have for you is how do you plan to get it out there for your business. Let me know in the comments below what steps you took today to get it out there?