The GASP WordPress plugin is a great tool to help you defend off the tyrannical spam bot that attempts to infiltrate your WordPress comment system from time to time. I had a discussion about some of the different WordPress comment systems in a previous blog post. In that post we discussed the differences between the various WordPress comment systems and how to defend yourself against the common spam bot raid. I have found that GASP beats out all of the previous WordPress fighting the spam bot is hard work!comments systems to effectively reduce spam bot comments.

In the previous post, I had decided to use Recaptcha for protecting me against the horrid spam bot. Now, a new super hero has emerged to help me face off the devious and deceptive spam bot. The new hero is Growmap Anti Spam bot wordpress plugin. In short: GASP!

The great thing about this new tool is that all you need to do is check the button below the comment that you make and voila! You now have an easy way for your readers to comment on your blog and also a great way to protect yourself against waves of threat.


I have found that this plugin is very useful for a couple of reasons:

  1. It stops roughly 99% of all spam that comes into my system. That is what they advertise on their WordPress page and also what I have seen from experience.
  2. GASP works just as effectively as ReCaptcha, but without the annoyance of having to decipher long lost languages.
  3. Because it is easier I have seen an uptick in comments on my site over the past six months.  The easier it is for humans to comment the more likely they are to actually engage you in a conversation.
  4. That leads me to the point that more engaged readers make better potential prospects, because they have a larger stake in your blog and understand how you can help them more effectively.

Therefore take a look at using GASP for your blog in order to help your readers engage in your content, while you easily fight off the soon to be mini spam bot.