G+is growing up! No, I am not just talking about the fact that the social network has expanded from 0 to 20 million users in 1 month. Instead, I am talking about the fact that the conversation on Google+ is no longer just about “How to Use Google+” or “Did you know this about Google+” or “XYZ, ABC, 123, Google+.” Instead, people are having actual conversations like you have on social networks.There are still conversations about how to actually use Google+, such as the post below.

G+ Google+ Convo

Yes, you still have conversations, such as this post above included in your streams. Yes, I will definitely be sharing this post with my social network on G+. However, there are also other discussions here as well, such as this recent post.

G+ Real convoSo the big question is then what does this mean for small business owners, such as ourselves? Well it means that G+ users are starting to act in more of a traditional social networking manner compared to the previous what the heck do I do with this thing approach that was happening as people started to use this new service.

This will be only bring good things to the new social network as they continue to grow and add new layers of complexity to the site. It will also mean that there will be a larger audience interested in actually participating in G+.

More importantly as small business owners that means we can start to develop a network that become profitable.

So, as your social network grows on G+ here are a few tips that I want you to keep in mind:

  1. You do not need to follow everyone back. I learned from Facebook that when 5,000 is up, no matter how large that seems to you right now your network can stagnate without fresh input. That is why I have decided on G+ to only connect with small business professionals and entrepreneurs here in the United States by and large. There are some connections that I am close to from other parts of the world that I connect with, but I want to have at least one mainly local network.
  2. Comment on other people’s posts. I know that I am guilty as everyone else of not doing this from time to time, but commenting on other people’s posts get you noticed. People see that you are not just a self-promoter.
  3. Go out and actively seek individuals that you believe you can create a profitable relationship from. It is great to attract people to you, but it is also a very good thing to reach out to others as well. Action and Attraction work well together.

With this in mind, go forth and have fun on G+ creating valuable connections.

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