I decided recently to participate in the SMB blogging contest. This contest is for bloggers who wish to share their knowledge of different blogging topics. Personally, I will be sharing information about how to use internet marketing and social media in your business.

Take a look at my first post for the contest (and please share and tweet this post).

Social Media Greed

Below are some of the rules and information about joining the contest:
On your own blog, share with your readers why you’re participating in this contest, what you hope to get out of it, and why they may want to compete, too. Link to this page and/or the about SMBcontest page so your readers can find out more about the contest.

Calling all bloggers. Super cash prizes plus highly interesting non-cash prizes are being offered for competing in a one-of-a-kind blogging contest. There is an entire site dedicated to explaining the contest and tons of benefits for every blogger including more traffic to your own site, learning new skills, and potentially winning cash or the specific non-cash prizes that most interest you.

Type over this paragraph to tell your readers about the contest – and why you’re participating. Be sure to mention any sponsors you are particularly interested in – and mention any of the non-cash prizes you would like to win and suggest your readers go check them out because they may wish to compete, too.

Gushcloud and UBL Small Business Marketing

Blog Outreach Blogging Contest

Made possible by the fine sponsors listed below.

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Be sure to share your new post on Twitter using the hashtag #SMBcontest.