Free twitter traffic! What is that all about? Free twitter traffic is about getting qualified visitors coming through your door from Twitter and then go to the next step in your sales process. The ability to effectively use twitter as a marketing source can be amazing for your business lead generator. Actually, since you are reading this blog right now I can tll you that there is a one in three chance that you first found this post through my twitter account. That is how powerful twitter is my business.

Now that you know the good stuff, lets talk about how you actually get free twitter traffic. The question I sent it.

First, you need to develop a following on twitter. There a few ways to do it, however, the easiest is to use a system like Tweet Adder (note: I am a tweet adder affiliate).  Tweet Adder is nice because it automatically follows current Twitter users based on pre-determined criteria set by you.

That means you do not have to sit there mindlessly following your entire target list, instead I have it done for me at the press of a button. The one challenge to using TweetAdder is that you are no longer allowed to use automatic unfollows. That is why I use ManageFlitter for my unfollows. It is more time consuming, however, keeps me legal with Twitter.

Another approach is to use Twellow. I love this Yellow Pages meets Twitter mashup, because I can follow people based on profession, interests, and geography. You have to manually do this, so it is a little more time intensive. However, the time invested is well worth your money. Otherwise, you could hire someone such as myself (hint, hint be Smart At The Start) to do it for you manually.

Second, once you have a decent following of at least 500 people you need to start providing engaging content to your followers on a regular basis. It should not all be promotional. Instead, you need to focus on what your followers are interested based on reading their tweets, talking to them, and once you have done that just sit back listen to their ideas. That will give you an idea of what you should discuss on twitter.

Provide your followers with articles, statistics, quotes, your own thoughts and views of what’s happening in your industry along with other insights that will make them savvier about your services. Additionally, do not spend more than 20 to 30% of your time promoting your business. Even this blog post and the blog itself contains only spends 5 to 10% of the time talking about services that I offer, and that is rare for me to promote on this post that much. The majority of the time I stick to content over promotion, because I know when someone is ready to talk to me they will use my services.

Third, I recommend having a content destination, because you will drive more free Twitter traffic to a content or resource site then you will towards an ecommerce site at first. I might be a little biased, since I have a few, but I find it valuable to have a platform that solely contains information about your business and resources to help your network. I like to use my blog to aggregate a lot of social networking on other sites.

For example, I use video marketing from YouTube and embed them into my blog to give my readers additional exposure to my video content. Additionally, I write numerous articles and sometimes share some of the articles that I write for ezine on my blog. Finally, I have pictures on Flickr and Photobucket that get embedded in my posts

Creating Free Traffic on Twitter is about being a resource to your network. It is not about the hey what about me? What about me attitude! Driving free Twitter traffic is about making the most out of free resources and providing them to your network, so they will come to you for more business in the long run.