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As the next part in the series on web traffic, I thought we could discuss free targeted traffic. Yesterday during our discuss about how to generate web traffic we talked about a number of different ways to get traffic paid and free. Today we will focus on everyone’s favorite type of traffic: Free targeted traffic that actually converts.

The question, however, is not are you interested in getting free targeted traffic. The real question is how in the world do you do that?

3 Nifty Ways To Free Targeted Traffic

1. Form Joint Venture partnerships. Rick Hodge was our guest last night on the Internet Marketing Night Cap. He had some amazing insights into how to create valuable Joint Venture partners for your business online. One of the cool ways that you can do this is through driving traffic to each others sites as either affiliates. Drive traffic to someone’s sale page for a percentage is a time-honored idea that has only been enhanced with the internet.

2. Find where you niche hangs out. When you were a kid and wanted to meet other kids it made sense that you could find some new friends at school. While, this might be a simplification of that idea, remember that you can also find new prospects by discovering where they hang out. The rest is simply relationship building. Every relationship will grow and lead to more relationships. That is why it is amazing what happens when you get plugged into small niche groups. I have seen this repeatedly in my business offline and online from BNI to tribes to some of the Skype groups I have been on lately.

3. Work it everyday. Discover where you get the most traffic to your site and work that source everyday. For example, I get a large percentage of traffic from the content I write. That means everyday I spend at least 45 minutes writing something fresh for my readers to appreciate. It is the culmination of 2 years of blogging that has helped me drive over 120,000 visitors since this blog first started in January 2010. A far cry from the 5 people who visited the site on the first day.

Bonus: Give them more! I know this is a bit cheesy, because other people have done this before. However, give them a little bit more than the rest. The quality you provide will drive in far more free targeted traffic than anything you could ever attempt to do with quantity measures alone.  Look at Apple computers. Steve Jobs searched to make everything better and better. With the cool technology he created it inspired a few devote followers who shared his vision with the world.

So, how do you drive free targeted traffic to your website? With quality, partnerships, relationships and consistency. Kind of boring, if not for the fact that it just works like gangbusters! What is your favorite method of driving free targeted traffic?