Looking to boost your business through social networking? Not sure what the best plan of attack would be? Want to speak with someone for free in the field about using social networking effectively? Then the Social Networking Schmoozer has a great deal for you! We are offering free 30 minute Social Networking Consultations through Skype for entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to take advantage of social networking.

Every session will include:

  • A set of questions sent to you ahead of time to clarify your thoughts prior to the consult
  • 30 Minutes where we will address your challenges with social networking and the best ways to overcome them.
  • A 3 step plan of action to leave with after the consultation.
  • Bonus: Free Podcast Social Networking On Your Terms to introduce you to social networking ($38 Value)
  • Bonus: Free list of 10 Things Not To Do on Facebook ($10 Value!)
  • Bonus: Free E-book Social Networking Guide ($10 Value)
  • Bonus: Free Tweet/Retweet of Your Product ($30 Value)

Generally, we would be charging over $150 for all of these products and services. For a short time only we will be offering these services to you free. In order to get started all you need to do is go to the site below, so we can schmooze about the best strategies for you to use to build your business through social networking.

Let’s Schmooze

Looking forward to connecting with you on Skype, so we can discuss the best social networking strategies for your business!