Follow me Follow You is the twitter mantra! Recently, however, that mantra took second place to a new decision by twitter. For the record, I love twitter. Why else would I devote an entire blog to the subject?

The challenge here is that they are getting rid of bulk unfollows. Now, there are two sides to this coin. Twitter sees these bulk unfollows as an unnecessary evil. At the same time, for many of those who spend the vast majority of their time on twitter this is a useful tool for us to weed out those who did not even have the common courtesy to follow what we were talking about.

Here is how I use bulk unfollows: 1. I follow people and give them 48-72 hours. 2. When they do not respond in kind by following me back at the end of this period I unfollow them by using a service, such as tweet adder, twitter karma, or refollow.

Now that twitter has told these sites to close down, the question now becomes who should we really follow and what happens when we hit our follower/non-follower ratio max. Right now I am maxing my unfollows at 100/day.

I believe that limits the dynamics of a site built upon being social. You want to connect with as many people that you feel a connection with as possible, but now we are limited by twitter. That to me does not make sense. I believe that when you limit the connections on social networking sites you limit the site’s usefulness itself.

There are limits that have to be placed on unfollowing people, but you should keep your unfollow limits on twitter similar to your follows. Otherwise, you will create an imbalance on your networking and on twitter as well!