In honor of social networking quickies this will be a brief article (relatively speaking, however, if it was not relative would it then be unrelated). This is for the habberdashers and the archiloquy’s. My apologies I found a cool site with interesting words. Without getting into a lot of quibbleism, let us discuss our fiver social networking quickies.

Social Networking Quickies That Will Tremefy You!

  • Beg A Friend Or Ask Me Nicely On Skype (Contact Me On Skype on the sidebar here) to invite you onto Google Plus. Then actually accept the offer and start up your profile on Google Plus.
  • Answer three questions on LinkedIn Answers related to your business.  It is amazing the type of people you meet when you help them out a little!
  • Think of a funny tweet to write on Twitter. It will get more retweets than your promotions, and build your reputation. For something funny I always stick with “knock! knock!” jokes, because they were hilarious as a child. Or think of something adults might find humorous as well.
  • Go onto Youtube, and watch 2 relevant videos. Preferably under 5 minutes each, or the idea of  a social networking quickie might be blown. If you like their video, then, wait for it, like it! Then leave a nice comment. Mean comments should be placed on
  • Troll through your email inbox with the 6,484 unread messages. Delete the junk, block them, create rules for your other messages that can be put in folders, and then find 3 emails that could become money. Email them and find out how they are doing. Maybe you could do a follow up call.
  • Bonus: You can continue reading other amazing posts by me on this site or maybe just have me do some social networking quickies for you!

Hope that these social networking quickies cause you much venustation!