After doing a re-evaluation of my life recently I have made some big decisions about the future. 1. I will run for mayor of Chicago in 2011. 2. I will travel with my wife to Spain, Greece, and Italy in November 3. I want 10 million followers on twitter!

That ladies and gentlemen is why I started this blog. I want to have 10 million followers on Twitter. Why? Because, it will be fun!

Here is the game plan! Everyday I will do a blog or video relating to the 20,000 followers that I have already. Some day’s it will be educational, others will be just pure fun, and then there will be a mix.

As we go along I will give you directions on what needs to be done to get these items. Additionally, all of the items that we talk about are either free or we have partnered up with the product makers to get good deals.

In the meantime, I will continue to post every day about new and exciting twitter news and fun facts.

Date: Followers: 21,284 Please follow me on Twitter at to raise this number by one.

Update: 9/23/11: 1. I long ago decided to drop the idea of 10 million followers. Plus Lady Gaga beat me out there. 2. Instead of travelling to Italy, Greece, and Spain we did Turkey and Egypt.  3. I did not run for mayor. Happily I avoid the politics of Chicago.

Final note: The only remnants of my initial push for 10 million followers is my feed which is still called Twitter Goal. Apparently if I change it all my current feeds would be null and void, so I left it as is for my one day race to 10 million followers. On a final note: I am approaching 60,000 followers at the time of this conversation. Twitter Goal out!