Yesterday we talked about the possibilities of the new Facebook profile and today we will talk about the new Facebook timeline. The Facebook timeline goes through your entire life on Facebook from birth to now.

As Mark Zuckerberg described it, you really have a scrapbook for your entire life online now. Plus, everything that you have posted on Facebook over the years is more readily accessible for you to access without going through the annoying scroll down to older posts dialogue that you get previously.

Facebook timeline

New Facebook Timeline

As you can see in the timeline to the left the closer you get to today the more in depth the number of posts are on Facebook. As it lists out my previous 3 months of Facebook updates you get to see everything.

Then as you go a little past that everything is sorted by year. For example, check the highlights of my life in 2011, 2010, and all the way to 2006.

Once you get past 2006 it skips to one of my most memorable events according to my current Facebook profile. 1997-the year I graduated high school.

Then for some reason it skips all the way back to 1981. Now, I know that I was not on Facebook during these years, and am pretty sure that Monsieur Zuckerberg was not either, but there is a gap that I can fill it in or curate it as Facebook is calling it.

That is the cool thing about Facebook timeline. No matter where you are in the history of your life you have the opportunity to share your entire life. You get to define who you are as a person when people check out your Facebook profile. That is the power of the Facebook Timeline.