I want to talk today about Facebook pages and ads.

This post is a small part of a larger segment I am doing for a new membership site coming out in December. More information on this to come, but this is an introduction into Facebook ads. This is a topic that I have not discussed nearly enough over the past few years, and one that I am re-entering after letting the marketing lie dormant for me since 2009.

Before I ever entered the social networking arena I was a mortgage broker. In the beginning of 2008 I started to use Facebook ads as a way to increase traffic to my website. While the idea was great, after about $800 and no results later I decided (probably arbitrarily at the time) that Facebook ads was worthless and not my approach.

However, I have recently been giving it another go.

To be truthful, without amazing business partners who have had success in the area recently I probably would not have even jumped back into this, but after going back and forth about how to use Facebook ads effectively, I want to share a little piece of how to use Facebook ads for your business.

With that being said, here is a brief introductory walkthrough of Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Teaser

Facebook Pages and Ads

As you noticed in the video this ad is designed to drive fans to your Facebook page. The page that you saw above was outdated, so take a gander at the updated Facebook page below, so you can see how the Facebook pages and ads work together in a great process that almost creates a three step sales process before you even start communicating with your new fans.

1. They click on your ad (Indicating Interest)

2. They sign up as fans or join your email list (Looking To Find Out More)

3. They opt into your email list to continually receive your emails. (Gotcha!)


Facebook Pages and Ads

Having the right landing page for your business means have a clean direction for your fans to move forward on your page. When I first started doing custom pages on Facebook all I did was stick up an enlarged Aweber sign up form. That was until they got rid of FBML and replaced it with iFrames. For me the most important thing is a direction.

In the end, using Facebook pages and ads when done correctly can lead to a successful sales funnel that can help your business grow exponentially.

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