What is your Facebook marketing strategy? How do you use your Facebook marketing strategy to make people in your network into prospects?

"facebook icon"The major part of your strategy needs to be about creating relationships, because the biggest part of your Facebook marketing strategy will be initiating and maintaining relationships that you can later expand through other means of communication.

Here are the top three tactics that you need to do in order to make sure your Facebook marketing strategy works smoothly!

1. Start looking for relevant groups where you can find prospects and networking partners. The great thing about Facebook is that there is a group for every type of business, interest, and community around. That provides you with a lot of leads to find for your business. Use Facebook groups every day to find 10-20 new prospects per day.

2. Once you have found a great source of new business, it is your job to develop that relationship. You can do this through a number of ways. One of the best methods is to provide solid content to your new network every day about what you do, and how your prospects can benefit. For example, if you are a lawyer, alert your Facebook network everyday about different legal issues and laws that can affect their lives. The more great information you provide, the more you become a resource to your network that should be used in times of need.

3.Look to create one on one connections as well. Every day I send Facebook messages to 10 people in my network. The idea is to take my relationships on Facebook offline. I ask to speak with my contacts via phone, skype, or sometimes even in person. Then I can build a stronger relationship with my network, and even begin the sales process with some of the people in my Facebook network.

Your Facebook marketing strategy should be based around creating relationships that eventually lead to sales outside of Facebook. Most products and services will not be sold on Facebook. That is why having a solid Facebook marketing strategy can make your sale easier when you are meeting your prospect later.