Apparently Facebook decided that it was time to get rid of Facebook Lite, due to lack of participation. I have a lot of questions on this one, as you will see. So anybody willing to jump in with a thought please do.

First, Does anybody even Facebook Lite? The fact of the matter is that Facebook has stated itself that 70% of users on Facebook (280 million people) use the applications at least once a month that were not available on Lite. While 120 Million people is a huge target, obviously these are the people who are least informed about the capabilities of Facebook and do not use it to it’s full extent. Why would you focus your energies on the people least committed to your website?

My recommendation to Facebook is to use this as a learning example, which I believe they are from their post on their fan page about them learning a lot from their “test of a slimmed down site”. From now on focus on building the ease and use of those who use Facebook fanatically. The reasons being is that you will continue to add more fans of yours (not sure if they are in desperate need of fans, but oh well) who will continue to sing about the benefits of your site and attract those who are not using it regularly.

It is marketing 101 to focus on your core base to get additional revenue. I believe that Facebook will learn from this and move on, but in the meantime I thought I would send out this post, because I am at a loss over why they initiated the program in the first place.