Facebook chat is the bane of Facebook and the interesting little tool that can make your social networking that much easier.

I figured it was worth a shot to re-evaluate my thoughts on this tool. The last time we discussed Facebook chat in any bit of a serious discourse was Get To The Point back in March, 2010. A year and a half later I am ready to talk about this in more depth! In the video below I go through how to use it as a tool for business good!

Facebook Chat

Facebook Chat Pros And Cons

As you can see from the video above Facebook chat is relatively easy to use. That is what makes it so easy for some business owners to use it for their prospecting and business formation.

At the same time, the cons are that a number of business owners will abuse that privilege. That is why I call Facebook Chat the bane and the beauty. When used right it is beautiful and used incorrectly it is a bane on all man’s existence. Use the force wisely young Skywalker.

Facebook Chat Rules

Henceforth, and heretofore, I declare it ethically illegal to go onto Facebook chat and simply promote your wares without first spending the time to get to know someone first.

Hello, prepare for the greatest opportunity of your life is a roller coaster ride that I have no intention of riding anytime soon! Instead, I want to talk with people prepared to give a two sided conversation about building a better business together.

That is why I know that if you use Facebook chat as a relationship builder you will have a greater chance of building a successful business with this tool. Otherwise, use Facebook chat at your own peril!