Today we will be discussing the basics of Facebook. It has been a while, since I have covered the basics of different social networks. So, I decided that we are going to do a return to basics week where we take a look at the four major social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn. I will cover one social network per day.

Today is Facebook. Going over how to use Facebook to increase your chances of using the social network correctly. In the video and short tutorial below we will be giving you an overview of the site and also a few actionable steps you can take today to get started with your Facebook marketing.

Quick Note: That means we are going to skip Guru Gushers tomorrow. However, it will be back next week.

Facebook Basics Video

Facebook Basics Action Steps

Here are a few Facebook action steps to help us get started with Facebook for business.

  1. Update your profile. Make sure that your profile is accurate and all your information inputted into Facebook.
  2. Stay connected with others on Facebook. Facebook is about building relationships. New and old relationships are equally important. In this case, you can gradually build your business as you stay connected with current prospects and partners.
  3. Be continual. Do not just go for one-off ideas. They rarely work. Instead, keep working on your network.

Hope you enjoyed Facebook basics. What one thing can we still answer about Facebook Basics for you in the comments below?