I have been beyond excited about eMarketing Experience for the past few months. This is a project I feel has been three years in the making. It is an accumulation of my blogging, product launches, offline consulting, and internet marketing experiences. I took the best from my almost 900 blog posts, 200+ youtube videos, 75 ezine articles, plus I created new videos to fill in any gaps.

So, what is eMarketing Experience?

eMarketing Experience is the first completely free lead generation training designed to help a business with their lead generation funnel in any industry anywhere they are in developing their funnel.

For example, if you own a dentist office and need to know how to engage clients on Facebook we can help you with that? If you are a LegalShield representative and need to know how to bring in prospects we can help you with that as well.

To clarify, let me give you an example live from the site.

networking marketing emarketing experience

The graphic above is from one of my industry video series where I explain how to create a lead generation funnel online that you can monetize over the long time for recurring profits. You follow the steps listed above consistently to create a lead generation funnel. You might want to listen to the 7 minute accompanying video that explains this funnel, but just from the graphic you probably have some ideas floating through your head.

This is just one of 6 different industry videos I created. Each industry has a general funnel they can follow to increase their business. While I know there are more than 6 industries in the world, I started off with 6 industries where most of my clients would find this information useful.

We want to inspire you, and remove the fear of marketing your business online by yourself. Part of the reason why I slowed my blogging over the past few weeks was I knew I needed to create a more effective way of helping small business owners. eMarketing Experience provides a dynamic way for  you to learn what you need to learn about internet marketing on your terms.

We have close to 100 videos each 5 to 10 minutes long to help you learn in bite-sized steps. To learn more sign up below:

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