This week’s eMarketing Experience podcast is with Gail Gardner from GrowMap.Com

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She is an amazing blogger, and instead of doing a problem solver I thought it would be great to hear her discuss how she creates so much quality content on such a regular basis. Additionally, we discussed PostJoint, the new article service for writers and publishers looking for quality websites and content respectively.

The podcast above discusses a lot of the information we are covering here today. Also, Gail mentioned a few links during the podcast to check out later. Here are the links:

How To Share Quality Content When Others Are Most Receptive

How To Make Money Online: The Ultimate Guide To Blog Monetization

This eMarketing Experience podcast was a bit different, because Gail did not have a problem, but instead some solutions for online marketers. I found providing answers from others is as important as the problem solvers for helping a larger slice of the audience at once.


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