This week’s eMarketing Experience Problem Solver is with Charles Harper. We discuss how to get more targeted traffic to his new Blog Talk Radio show. Charles hosts two Blog Talk Radio Shows.  The first one is the Gain MindShare Business Journal. This is a small business radio show for entrepreneurs, which he started 4 years ago.

The new show, which we discuss in the podcast below is about his new online radio show set up specifically to reach the Central Pennsylvania community. He created a daily deal radio show, where businesses can share their products, so local consumers can purchase items from local stores.

As we discuss different marketing strategies for this blog, you will probably be in awe at the business system that this requires. Everyday Charles has a deal that he wants to offer to the people of Central Pennsylvania.

Another item of note, is that he has a specific target market. We discuss this during the podcast, but listen in for the information he provides about where his prospects are located geographically.

If you live in Pennsylvania check out The new Central Pennsylvania Daily Deals Radio Show.

Also, learn more about the Harper Academy at: GainMindShare.Com

Thanks for Charles for being an awesome guest!

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Thanks for listening to this week’s eMarketing Experience Weekly Problem Solver with our Guest Charles Harper!