As some of you might have noticed yesterday, I changed the header of the site.  This post is an explanation of the changes to come with the new design.

Over the past few years, I noticed the large number of readers who do not have any direction with their online business. They go from one online marketing idea to the next without a plan of action. I do my best, but it has not been enough.

For me, this is something I find unacceptable. It is not acceptable for me to sit on the sidelines, and do nothing to help people achieve their goals. Might as well have them run their business through a busy highway to see if it survives. There has to be a better way!

When I first started helping businesses with social media, the idea was to provide bite-sized social networking services that would be highly effective and affordable to small businesses. This principle has been the foundation of my entire offline consultancy business.

I missed something big when I started. Entrepreneurs did not only need help with their online marketing. Most small business owners did not even know where to start? How do you help someone if they do not know how to help themselves?

Most of them are master craftsmen and women at their core business. However, few of them have an MBA in business like a number of my business partners have. The overwhelming majority of these entrepreneurs never studied best marketing practices, aside from a weekend course or two.

The missing ingredient is an online system. When I consult with clients today, we spend the vast majority of our time discussing their target market, where to connect with their target market, how to do so on a continual basis, how to follow-up with them regularly, and how to make this all possible without having to have that overwhelming feeling of throwing your computer out the Panera Bread window. Oh wait, that was me when I first learned to set up WordPress blogs.

I used to have a banner up on my site that stated, “End The Terrifying Drama Of Throwing Darts Blindly For Clients.”

social networking terrifying dart header

The idea for message was based on people’s fear of the unknown social media blob that made most business owners feel they needed to sign up for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest, Digg, Foursquare, and the kitchen sink network. Online marketing is terrifying to a number of business owners. The idea represents a complete departure from everything they have done in the past.

This terrifying idea led to the creation of a missing element to help entrepreneurs develop their marketing prowess: eMarketing Experience.

What is eMarketing Experience?

eMarketing Experience is the combination of everything I have done over the past three years for clients, on this blog, plus unseen information that I have never displayed publicly.

The eMarketing Experience is the combination of thousands of hours of research and testing. The entire idea rests upon a 1-2-3 simple solution to increase your ability to market your business online without the terrifying drama and uncertainty so many people have in their business.

This resource will have close to 100 videos on every aspect of online marketing. Not only will I be sharing some of the best videos I have created on this blog, but also some of the videos I have created specifically for this project, plus close to 30 additional videos that have been publicly released before.

However, it is not about the training. It is about the process. Throughout this process we will guide you with a step by step handbook for you to follow along with at your own speed. This is not about who creates their online marketing empire the fastest, the eMarketing Experience is about who creates the marketing that serves your company best. Whether that takes a week, a month, or a year is your decision.

eMarketing Experience

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