You need email campaigns! I mean why would you want to pass up on having a dedicated group of fans receiving regular updates from you on a regular basis. Your email campaigns can provide that last missing link between social networking connection and prospect conversion.

The past few days we have been talking about how to actually build a list. Today I want to talk more about creating the email campaigns to actually make money from your growing list.

What are Email Campaigns?

In order to do that we first need to discuss what email campaigns are how they work. Email campaigns are simply a series of emails that you will be sending out to your list to get your message across. An email campaign can be any variety of email from videos and podcasts providing interactive media for your list to written messages that focus on tips, offers, newsletters, and/or ideas.

The great thing about email campaigns is that you can set it up in advance, so when people sign up to your list they receive a steady stream of emails from you. Or you can do broadcasts which are live announcements discussing events in real time. Better yet, do both!

How Do Email Campaigns Work?

I thought you would never ask. Below is a short video walk through of how to run an email campaign through Aweber.

As you can see from this video it is not only helpful for your clients to set up an auto-responder series, but it can be profitable and easy to use as well. The great thing is that once you have your auto-responder set up correctly there is a minimal time investment required from you. This means something you set up years ago can still be relevant for your prospects today with the right information and email series.

That is the power of having amazing email campaigns for your business.