I have been working on my email auto-responder series and I thought I would share a few tips to help you get yours up and running. Therefore, in this email auto responder series I am going to review some of my tips for creating a solid series that will entice your new-found audience.

Email Auto Responder Series Top Tips

email auto responder seriesFirst, use an email management system to help you. I use Aweber(Note: I am an affiliate and also a client) for all of my email management system needs. It is great for integrating with payment systems, such as Paypal and also for automating your email marketing. Take a look also at how to integrate Aweber with your WordPress blog.

Second, think ahead with your email auto responder series. I just created a series of roughly 15 different emails that will be disseminated to new readers throughout the next two months. There is enough information to be extremely valuable and also a few offers, so I can help those who need some additional assistance with my services.

It also gives me some time to actually write some more emails and expand out the series without being pressed for time. I now have 60 days before my last email ends. Plenty of time to stretch that out and write another 5-10 emails that will deliver an extra punch for my readers.

Why is this important? Very simple! The more information you can provide your readers with that just wows them and helps them the more benefit they will see in your services. Additionally, by writing these all out now, I never have to write it out again. After those 90 days of emails they will also be getting a monthly special from me, along with my weekly blog posts summary.

Basically do the work once and reap the benefit of this work for years to come.

Third, I like a series. I have a lot of information to share. It is too much to be shared in one email, which is why breaking it up into feasible parts can really help your readers learn even more. Plus, it means that they have to stay engaged for a longer period of time, which means that they will be more invested in the education.

Altogether, this is a great way to start engaging your subscribers and start funneling them into the buying process. Tomorrow, I want to a little more about how to get people into the email auto responder series with squeeze pages.