As election results came poring in last night from all over the country, voters waited anxiously to hear the really unsurprising news that the president was re-elected to a second term in office. Everyone waited, except for Donald Trump. The Trump decided it was time to unleash his fury against the US for re-electing Barack Obama. As an anchor on Fox News this morning said, “He was a fury of politics and hair pieces.”

What follows is a how NOT to manual on Twitter that might not be appropriate for ordinary humans. Let alone the Donald Trumps of the world. Please avert your eyes if anything here scares the bejeezers out of you.

It all started with a simple Tweet:

Donald Trump Tweet

Then the tweets took a turn for the worse. And this my readers is what you call the classic How NOT to Manual on Twitter.

1. Generally bad-mouthing everyone does not make you look smarter. Case in point!

donald trump election tweet

Donald Trump twitter account


2. For someone who has built his business on reputation, you would think he would know how to manage that reputation better. While Twitter is great for rapid communication, remember that you can ruin your reputation in a tweet. Even better is ruining your reputation in a rapid-fire series of tweets designed to aggravate people.

donald trump tweet


3. What You Say Online Never Goes Away!

He was smart enough to delete this tweet, but not before the New York Magazine(courtesy Mashable) was able to take a screen shot of some of these tweets. I do not understand how people do not get the idea of social media being a veiled curtain where you can curse the world, and think no one will hear you. Until the day comes when you have something to stump, and wonder why no one hears you?

[features_box_paper_white width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

He lost the popular vote by a lot and won the election. We should have a revolution in this country!


Next time you have that gigantic urge to let the country know they are morons for selecting their choice, please refrain. While a number of people did not like the decision, me included, stop whining! Look this nation will not live or die off one man. In fact, we were specifically designed to be a nation of many, because we all have the power to make change in this world.

While I do not agree with the vast majority of Barack Obama’s policies, I applaud his decision to be a change in the world.

What I do not appreciate is someone who believes Twitter is a place to spout off about how so-so is a jerk. Please stop. Make the world a better place, and think before you tweet.