I went camping this weekend with my in-laws. First of all, I never knew how much food you can eat when camping. In fact, whenever I go camping, generally Jimmy Johns works fine for me. However, the assortment of meals there was unbelievable. Everything was barbequed from shrimp, fish, ribs, and pork to corn, zucchini, mushrooms, and eggplants.

However, I can hear the W to the TF’s happening right now from some readers. What does this have to with video marketing. It is Monday, Andy. Can you please get back to business?

That leads me to the second item on our agenda. Over the weekend, there was a child there who you will see in the short (13 seconds) video below insist to his parents on wearing a Spiderman outfit.  Now, mind you this was camping in 80-90 degree weather outside in the day. Plus, it was not a costume camping trip. Just a regular ole camping trip.

It is what makes the video below so awesome. And also why a blogger like myself always on the ready for cool content, saw the power of this outfit the moment I saw him jump. Yes, jump. That is not a typo. Just check it out!

Spiderman Video

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3 Cool Things We Can Learn From The Spiderman Video

1. Being yourself is pretty darn cool! In fact, when you stop wearing the shorts and actually bring a Spiderman outfit to a campsite you might get a little bit more attention from nerdy bloggers looking to post videos onto Youtube and write about it on WordPress.

2. Be courageous. This is a 7 year old kid who on his own climbed up on a car and jumped down like Spiderman. A viral video has risks that it will be a failure. While this kid was somewhat hesitant and afraid of jumping off a car, he conquered his fears. (Quick Note: This blog post does not promote jumping off moving cars).

3. Be the best that you can be at anytime of the day. Most kids play Spiderman at their home and then get bored and go on with what they are doing. This kid is not just playing Spiderman. He is dedicated enough to be Spiderman wherever he goes. That is how videos go viral. A dedicated person continues to work at it.

These are the three cool things we can learn from a 7 year old Spiderman.  Be yourself, be courageous, and be the best you can be. Nothing else matters. It is almost what mom used to tell us when we were kids. Maybe that is why it takes a kid to show us how to create the best videos.