“Do you do social networking full-time?” I have received this question a number of times in the past few weeks. Not exactly sure, why people are so awestruck by being a full-time Social Networking Schmoozer, but yes I do this full-time. This to me, seems like a weird question. Maybe it is because this field is so new that people do not think someone makes a living off helping businesses use social networking to increase their revenue and build their brand. However, the need is definitely there for small businesses to successfully use social networking to increase their revenue and brand.

At the same time, people do not generally ask a stockbroker or teacher if they are doing this full time. Most conversations start with the assumption that a teacher works full time, yet there are millions of teachers around the country that work part time, substitute, or have other arrangements.

That lead me to write this post. Maybe I should lower the veil, and give you a more inside look at the glamorous life of a social networking schmoozer. Or in reality, take a look at how I have used everyday ideas and formed them into a complete system.

You have to work hard at being the best schmoozer! Just like any other position, it is not always possible to make a living by just sitting at your computer whiling away the hours playing Mafia Wars, Cityville, and Farmville. Instead, I network. A large part of my success is from blending social networking with networking and referrals and repeat business.

business revenue sources

As you can see from the triangle above, the vast majority of my business comes from one of the three areas: Social Networking, Networking, and Referrals/Repeat business.

I have used myself as a guinea pig to learn the right blend that will get you the most from your business. The systems that I have devised help me tell my clients, prospects, and partners everyday that yes I do this full time. Whether it is how to follow up with prospects after a networking event,building relationships with prospects through social networking, or connecting with referral business I have created a system of doing this to help not only myself, but also my clients.

That is why I want to bring back the Free 30 minute social networking consultation via Skype! This 30 minute session will help you evaluate the best way to incorporate social networking into your business. What is the right marketing mix for your business? How does it fit with the rest of your sales efforts? We can see what you are doing right now, and take a look at what steps you can take for the future to increase your revenue through social networking. Receive your free 30 minute social networking consultation by clicking the link below: