Prospects always ask me what the most important digital marketing strategy is for their business. The truth is that I don’t know.

At least I cannot tell them at first glance what the best digital marketing strategy is. That is because I do not have a crystal ball that magically tells me what digital marketing strategy works best

Instead, if you want to determine a good digital marketing strategy then start with creating a clear picture of your ideal prospect. Everything falls in place once you identify who purchases your products and/or services.

The principle is exactly the same as you would use for marketing your business offline. You need to understand who will purchase your product. Otherwise, everything else you do is a waste of time.

That is why the true question is how do we identify your target market? While the answer is easy: research. The process is much harder.

In fact, many companies spend years working to identify their target market. They just do not know where to turn to create that clear picture in their mind of their ideal client.

This confusion is one of the reasons I created the upcoming Digital Marketing Strategy Course.

Most small business owners just need the resources to get started. We take you from start to finish over the course of 4 weeks on how to build your presence online. This course provides with the tools and knowledge to independently market your business successfully! Our 4 week class focuses on:

  • Figuring out a useful digital marketing plan
  • Identifying your ideal clients online
  • Setting up your WordPress Site
  • Creating your Social Media Profiles
  • Discovering your target markets online hangouts
  • Finding raving fans on social networks
  • Developing traffic strategies to your website
  • Increasing the number of email sign ups to your list
  • Converting your list and traffic into clients

Andy took my company from literally snooze to clients who appreciated my professionalism with 7 listings plus a management position. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to increase sales & build their profits. – Bernard Small

If you really want to find new clients, then you need to educate yourself. Our class provides you the essentials you need to grow your business online. Here is what our course includes:

  • Live Webinar Classes: 4 classes (6 hours)
  • One-One Training: 1 hour
  • Skill Levels: All Levels
  • Includes: Video Recordings from 4 classes
  • Access to attend future Smart At The Start Digital Marketing Training Sessions in the future
  • Certificate of Completion when finished

The course starts April 6th at noon. The Digital Marketing Course runs every Wednesday from 12 PM CST – 1:30 PM CST throughout the month of April. 

Digital Marketing Course Registration