Here is the latest episode of Digital Marketing Musings. In this episode, we discuss Digital Helpings. Ways that you can help others with your digital marketing efforts. Enjoy!

Digital Marketing Musing Digital Helpings Transcript

This is our digital marketing mobile musings for today. As always, I am in the car musing, thinking, loving, and helping. Ironically enough, digital helpings is the topic for today. I have been reading a book right now about sales, The Art of Attracting Clients, by Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs. One thing they put in there was that the word sell is really a 5 letter word. SELL is the traditional word, but if you really want to sell, you need to SERVE.

In layman’s parlance, this means Help! Henceforth the digital helpings you can provide your prospects.

When you want to help people online, and you want to get new clients they happen at the same time. Because if you really want to do more, you need to help more people. The oft-stated phrase from Zig Ziglar that you can have anything you want in life as long as you help enough people is really true.

Generally those maxims that sound like hocus-pocus. However, it turns out to be the truth.

If you want to build your business online, you need to serve people.

How do you do this? How do you make this happen? There are a few things you can do.

First, you can make ridiculously awesome content. Like what I do! Aw yeah! Not to toot my own horn, but iI will. Provide your audience with solid information they can use for their business.

When you do that, make sure you are not just stopping short. Generally, if you tell people what to do, then yes, people will do it themselves. Absolutely!

There are always people who will do it themselves. Even if you don’t show them, they will do it themselves. There are so many blog posts and videos out there that they can find stuff and piece it together without you.

That is not to neglect your information or say your knowledge is not valuable.

However, you need to share what you do unless you have a miraculous formula for making a million dollars in two minutes. If you do have this formula, please share it with me.

Second, give your time. You can give our time with initial free consultations, site audits, or even answer questions from people about how their site looks. A website developer or designer can do a lot with this approach because so many people have no clue how to create a solid website.

Use sites like Quora or Linkedin Groups to help you find more people in need. You can give your opinion, and do a lot of professional work from the interested prospects who appreciate that opinion.

Third, you can give of your company and more of what you do. You can possibly give your service out as a donation. If you believe in a non-profit, then maybe you give of your time to help them.

Giving of your time in that way might not seem like a great way of improving your business, but it could be a great portfolio piece.

Additionally, non-profits have a number of great connections. You never know who they have in their Rolodex. That being said, do NOT just use a non-profit to benefit yourself. You could get additional benefits. It is the reason you need to only donate to charities you appreciate.

Final thoughts

Let me know in the comments what you think. Do you love this, can you share this, rate this, or review this podcast. For now, this is mobile musings talking about digital helpings for your business. For more amazing, valuable information you can get my free eBook 101 Free Online Tools.