I want to tell you that I have the onset feel that I have writer’s block right now. At the same time I know that is just not true. Well, maybe the writer’s block is partially true.

This sounds a little like the “Oh, Andy! What are you talking about” segment is about to happen. Fear not! I will make my writer’s block concise and to the point. For what would a good writer’s block article be, if not concise.

Writer’s Block Challenge

I am doing a lot of writing right now. I decided to revamp SmartAtTheStart.com. The service side of my blog. Well, I discovered that what I had written a year ago about different products was woefully inadequate and just plain horrible. I am putting this politely, because as my greatest critique I had much choicer words.

Therefore, I am rewriting my website, in addition to writing my blog, and also working on articles for other sites at the same time. Generally I enjoy writing, but there is a point when I get overwhelmed. So, I need a writer’s block solution.

My Writer’s Block Solution

First, I read. I bought a number of Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazer books, plus got a trial membership to their group. Great way to learn from some of the best  marketers/sales writers ever.

Second, get some outside help. Sometimes I just need a day or two to reset my thoughts and I will come up with new ideas. Therefore, expect some guest posts coming up shortly.

Third, start looking for fresh ideas. That is what blogging is. Fresh ideas. New takes on current ideas. Looking to make a difference with your new knowledge.

What Is Writer’s Block

That leads me to the final part of this segment. What is writer’s block? The fact is that writer’s block is merely a state of mind, where we believe we can easily or hardly write an article, blog post, or sales letter that can convey to our audience the emotion and passion we feel about a topic at any given moment.

To fight writer’s block we must constantly be refreshing our understanding of our field of knowledge. No one knows everything, and there is no way that one blog can cover everything. However, we take a look at what needs to be written to help our readers get from point A to point B. Then we say, “What writer’s block?”