Deep Linking is a great feature to use for your search engine optimization. Deep Linking is also a real basic tool that you can use for additional traffic to your site.

The basics of deep linking are that you link to an internal link in your site versus linking to the homepage.Very simply you decide to link to:


The reasons for doing this are varied, but the obvious example here is that I would want to people to check out my post on Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter. Instead, of having to go to my homepage and doing a mad dash to find the page they were looking for in the first place.

Deep linking is great for search engine optimization, because when you are commenting on other sites or doing article marketing it drives traffic to specific ideas.

For example, if I do a post on Ezine articles about Twitter, it makes sense that I have the link go back to Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter. That way the readers have additional information about the subject I wrote and can easily transition them-self from Ezine to my blog where they can learn more about my business and use my social networking services.

Finally, this is a way for one site to get traffic for different topics. When you do deep linking, what you are really doing is pointing out different categories or ideas that people should look at for your business. Tweeples go to Twitter articles, Facebook fanatics to Facebook articles, etc.

As a blogger this is one of the best tools to build your brand in specific niches. Deep linking to individual pages make a difference for specific clients.Many of my LinkedIn clients could not care less about what I can do for them on Facebook. Therefore it behooves me to make sure that my LinkedIn articles have some deep linking, so they are easy to find on Google.

The next time you are working on your search engine optimization take some time to consider what the best course of action would be for your links. Does it make sense to just do backlinks to the homepage or deep linking to interior pages?