I am not sure about where you live but here in Chicago in the winter it is a beautiful day to discuss how we can create value for your prospects.

Truth be told, I have not even looked out the window. That said, every day is a beautiful day to help your prospects. There are three significant ways to create value for clients correctly. We discuss them in detail below.

Why do we provide value?

However, before we do, let me just remind you of one thing. You provide value to prospects not because you want their business. Instead, you do it because you want to help others lead a better life. Whether you offer financial services, health and wellness, or business development, it is all the same.

If you can spend your life creating value to your prospects your business will grow because you delivered more than anyone ever thought was possible. That is good business.

Three Ways to Create Value for Your Prospects

1. Create Content

The first way is really simple. You create content. Now, I say it’s simple but I probably shouldn’t use the word simple when we’re talking about content. It is easy to create content; it just takes a boatload of blood, sweat, and tears to create great content. It doesn’t just happen.

I started blogging in 2010 as a way to connect with prospects. It was about a year before I got my first client, and at that point, I said, “Okay, this is crazy.” I said, “Why am I blogging every day for a year with nothing happening?”

But then after that first year, something magical started happening. I started getting clients, and after three years, I had so many clients I didn’t even have time to blog on my own site. I had to blog for my clients.

create valuable content

The power of content is that it doesn’t work overnight but it continues to work. Almost a decade later I still get clients who call me because they read a blog I wrote years ago.

They found me on my blog, and they still want to work with me. It’s amazing. So, definitely take a look at blogs because it is a great source for business. Definitely look at creating content. They’re a great source for creating value as well.

That said, blogging is not enough anymore. You need to create quality videos or podcasts.

The world is in the midst of the next great shift: VR and AR. I can only imagine how we consume content will change.

2. Create Connections

Secondly, if you don’t want to create content because it is too time-consuming then you need to become a connector.

If you attend a lot of networking events, you’ve probably heard about this approach. I’m not sharing something revolutionary here.

It is just telling you something that works online as well as it does offline. If you want to build your business, one of the best ways to do that is by finding out who you could connect with and then learning who they want to connect with.

Once you know who they want to connect with, the really cool stuff happens.

Because if you know who they want to connect with, you have the ability to be a help instead of another nagging salesperson. Your network will remember how you helped them.

They will want to do the same for you in many cases. If they don’t, they’re probably not someone you want to do business with anyways, and it’s good you found out early. The cool thing about this is that you now have the opportunity to go look for new people to connect with based on one who you can bring value.

So, it’s not just you begging for business, which is what a lot of salespeople do nowadays. It’s actually you going out there and creating something of value for people. So, I recommend you do that.

Valuable Connector

3. Kill them with Kindness

If you can’t make connections because you’re new to business then it is what it is. That means you need to provide your network with the most valuable thing every business owner needs: kindness.

Make sure you give them your time and attention because it is so valuable, and make sure you’re focusing on what they need, and listen to them. You really, really listen to them. Don’t underestimate the importance of listening.

I did that for years. I didn’t understand how important it was to just listen to my prospects’ problems so I could help solve them. As I continue to get better at listening, I become a better person, blogger, and entrepreneur. It’s so valuable in life.

Final Thoughts

That being said, if you can combine the content, the connections, and the kindness, then oh my God. That’s how you really take off and that’s how you really bring value. So, you get prospects who come in and know why they should work with you.