To create a social network or to not create a social network? That is the question? Even better is my answer. I recently formed a venture where we decided that it would be best to create a social network for our users. There are a number of reasons why I decided to do this, but the three top reasons I believe are relevant to not just me, but also other interested in expanding their brand through social networking.

First, this is the ultimate social networking experience. Someone who connects to you on your social network, has probably also connected with you through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, or a face to face connection. Therefore you are integrating your social networking into a unified social networking marketing campaign, working with your prospect or networking partner from connection spot to connection spot until you have everything integrated.

Second, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are tremendous social networks, because of their size and scope, but there are times when I am not so fond of their policies. The way that Twitter makes people disappear off the Twittosphere without notice and a (good) reason or how Facebook limits you to 5,000 friends and after 2 years has still not corrected the RSS feed feature on Fan Pages, making it challenging to keep up-to-date blog posts on your fan page indicate to me that there has to be something better for entrepreneurs.

Third, you now have the power to influence a large number of people by helping them to use, oh let’s say, social networking correctly. Whatever your specialty, you can create a spot where relevant users can login to discuss topics affecting their business. As an expert in the field, you should be using this opportunity to help your social network understand the benefits of specific products and services and ideas that will help them become more successful, happy, prosperous, etc.

So in the long run for those who opt to create a social network I applaud your initiative. If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me and also check out my new social network

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